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Sainte-Justine Challenge



September 2024


A series of fun, skill-testing athletic activities and brain teasers designed to engage and entertain the business community — and get them to support the very worthy cause that is Sainte-Justine! 


Staggered start times between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. You can indicate your preferred time slot when registering.* Please plan to arrive on site 30 minutes in advance. The entire challenge should take between 60 and 90 minutes to complete. 


Start and finish line at Victoria Square.

How (to dress) 

Dust off your corporate capes and indulge your inner superheroes! 


Every team will have 4 members: 2 Masterminds and 2 Superjocks. 

How (much) 

There are no fees to sign up, but every team will be required to raise at least $2,500 in donations to take part in the Sainte-Justine Challenge. 

* Your exact time will be confirmed in the lead-up to the event.

Fundraising Challenge

What’s the Sainte-Justine Challenge’s ultimate goal? To raise the heroic sum of $525,000 to support Sainte-Justine, today and tomorrow. And you have the power to help make it happen!

Brain Teasers

Use strategy, logic and lateral thinking to wrap your mind around these headscratchers.

Athletic Activities

A real superhero never backs down, even when the odds are stacked against them. Step up to the plate and show Sainte-Justine what you’re made of!

The Sainte-Justine Challenge will put competing teams to the test, with a fun-filled series of tasks designed to challenge both brain and brawn. Each team will be made up of two Masterminds and two Superjocks from the same organization. What’s more, they will have to put their superpowers of persuasion to good use beforehand to motivate their friends and relatives to give generously 

This event pays tribute to Saint-Justine’s real heroes — our young patients and the people who care for them. This year’s fundraising target is $525,000. 

The day will conclude with a post-event celebration. The final fundraising tally will be announced, along with the names of the day’s top performers and the winners of the Fundraising Challenge, who will fly away with an airline ticket package courtesy of the Air Canada Foundation. 

Thanks to our Partners 

We are extremely grateful to the partners who are helping us put on this year’s Sainte-Justine Challenge! It is an honour and a privilege to know you are there for the families of Sainte-Justine through your active support for a healthier today and tomorrow. 

Presenting Partner for Sainte-Justine Challenge

Post-Event Celebration Partner

Main Partner

Courchesne Larose, Ltée
Jus Dose inc.
Mid-Day Squares
Roi des Noix
Vegpro International inc.

Become a Partner

Interested in teaming up with the Sainte-Justine Challenge? We would love to have you merge your superpowers with ours! For full details, along with the terms and conditions of partnership, contact us at
Thank you for doing your part!